Death of The Structure

It's been quiet around these parts lately, and we wanted to explain why. For the past few months, we've been trying to bring you a new product; but due to threats of legal action, we finally have to lay it to rest. The Structure was the most precise, durable, ergonomic tamper ever designed; with absolutely zero vacuum at the puck. It's a shame that this product never got to be used and enjoyed by people in the coffee industry. Our next product is still in development. Thank you for your patience!

In better news, sincere thanks to Wirecutter for featuring us in their 2016 holiday gift guide! We are completely sold out of Portakeys.

Onward and upward.


International Shipping Update

Regretfully, we can no longer offer shipment to Russia as packages are going undelivered and tracking is blocked within the country from the USA. We apologize to our customers who have been waiting endlessly for packages to arrive there, and have processed refunds for you.

On a better note, sincere thanks to customers around the world who are picking up Pour Over Stands and The Portakey! Shipments have gone out to Australia, South Korea, Israel, Sweden, and places we could only dream of. Thank you for your support!

We're still working diligently to bring you our next product.


Updates and Accolades!

The machine shop who is manufacturing the Portakey for us sent over these shots. Machining took a bit more time than expected, but the keys are in the final stages of finishing and should be shipped to us at the end of this month!

Additionally, the pennants that Department of Brewology designed for us came in and they look GREAT!

We've also started receiving components in for one of the next products we are working on. Product development takes time, and we appreciate your patience! Also keep your eyes peeled for some really interesting collaborations we have brewing.

We'd also like to thank Uncrate, designmilk, and Gear Hungry for featuring some of our designs on their websites recently. Your support has been incredible!

It's amazing that we have products heading off to cafes in places like Russia and Thailand. Looking forward to even better tools on the horizon.


Cutting metal and a quick video

Good news: If you pledged for a Portakey via Kickstarter, the production order has been placed! We're currently cutting metal and they should ship at the end of May. We ordered a few extra for those that missed the campaign, and you can find them up for sale in our web store.

In addition, Chris Baca over at Cat and Cloud did a little video on his impressions of the tool:

You should definitely pick up some coffee from those guys. The Elida Estate Natural that they offer to their subscribers is fire!

In other news, we are busy prototyping and finding suppliers to produce some new items we have in the pipeline. As we make progress, we'll be sure to let you know!


Kickstarter Success, Department of Brewology, and a new Interview!

The Portakey Kickstarter is officially funded! We're not done yet though; a limited edition stretch goal designed by Department of Brewology will be added shortly to keep momentum going. We can't thank them enough for their upcoming contribution! Keep your eyes peeled as we will be releasing more information soon. If you haven't taken a look, now is the time.

Additionally, we have an interview up on Coffee Brew Guides that talks about Science Coffee and the direction we are headed. Please check it out!


Feature on Uncrate!

We would like to sincerely thank Uncrate for featuring us today! Be part of the campaign by clicking the Kickstarter logo below. We need YOUR help to bring this product to life! Keep an eye out for updates; great things are in the works.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has backed this project so far. Cleaning your espresso machine is vital to optimal performance, and we can't wait to share this product with you.


Portakey Kickstarter Launch!

Today's the day! Our Kickstarter to bring the Portakey to life is now live!

The Portakey is the ultimate everyday carry tool for baristas, espresso machine technicians, and people who love coffee. Shower screen removal without burning your hands, steam wand tip removal, bottle opener, and stylish key chain. It's a great tool to have behind the bar and hangs right off of your belt loop. For full info, check out THE CAMPAIGN!

This will only become a reality with YOUR SUPPORT. Please share if you like it!



Science Coffee is on a mission to make new and innovative tools for people who love to make coffee. If you see a product here, it's because it's something we wanted to buy and couldn't find; so we decided to make it ourselves and share it with the world.

Our first product is a modern pour over stand. What makes it different? Well, everything.

Image courtesy of Bryan Schiele ( on Instagram)

Image courtesy of Bryan Schiele ( on Instagram)

We like clean, modern, well thought out, functional design; and this stand showcases all of that. We're going the extra mile to deliver unparalleled quality. Precision machined and finished aircraft grade aluminum that looks more akin to your sleek new laptop than a stand made of plastic or hastily cobbled out of steel. 

It was also designed specifically to work with nearly any brew method of your choice. It fits beautifully on top of the Acaia Pearl scale, and is compatible with V60, Kalita Wave, Bee Dripper, etc., all range servers, and even Aeropress (yes, it's that stable and sturdy). Specific manufacturing methods were used to ensure that it will never damage your delicate glass or ceramic brewing tools, and it's been finished with a process that makes it extremely easy to clean. 

These are now available in our web store, and we're excited about what's up next. Keep an eye on our Instagram for sneak peeks at new items.

Thanks for looking and happy brewing!