Science Coffee is on a mission to make new and innovative tools for people who love to make coffee. If you see a product here, it's because it's something we wanted to buy and couldn't find; so we decided to make it ourselves and share it with the world.

Our first product is a modern pour over stand. What makes it different? Well, everything.

Image courtesy of Bryan Schiele ( on Instagram)

Image courtesy of Bryan Schiele ( on Instagram)

We like clean, modern, well thought out, functional design; and this stand showcases all of that. We're going the extra mile to deliver unparalleled quality. Precision machined and finished aircraft grade aluminum that looks more akin to your sleek new laptop than a stand made of plastic or hastily cobbled out of steel. 

It was also designed specifically to work with nearly any brew method of your choice. It fits beautifully on top of the Acaia Pearl scale, and is compatible with V60, Kalita Wave, Bee Dripper, etc., all range servers, and even Aeropress (yes, it's that stable and sturdy). Specific manufacturing methods were used to ensure that it will never damage your delicate glass or ceramic brewing tools, and it's been finished with a process that makes it extremely easy to clean. 

These are now available in our web store, and we're excited about what's up next. Keep an eye on our Instagram for sneak peeks at new items.

Thanks for looking and happy brewing!